Friday, April 26, 2013

Soal TOEFL 2013

1.  Excuse me. Is this (I)________dictionary or (you)________?
     A. my, your     B. mine, your   C. my, yours        D. your, mine

2. Newborn babies can’t take care of.....
      A. herself     B.himself     C. Themselves        D.itself

3._______  don't you like orange juice?
     A. What   B. Why   C.  When      D.How

4. I will______ to New Delhi and Karachi tomorrow.
    A. going        B. be going      C. go.       D. be gone 

5._______ is the dog's bone?
    A.What      B. Where     C.When         D.How

6. They___________math when Dina called last night.
    A. was studying   B. were studying      C. is studying      D. are studying

7.  Before Bambang goes to bed, he always________his teeth.
     A. brushing    B. brushed   C. is brushed   D. brushes

8. I’m going to bed after I__________my homework
    A. finish   B. finished    C. finishing   D. is finished

9  Rianty didn’t come to class today, and she probably__________tomorrow either.
       A.  will come       B. won’t come    
      C. will be come    D. will coming

10.________stay up past midnight, but now I often go to bed very late because I have to study.
       A. don’t use to      B. didn’t use to   
       C. don’t use          D. didn’t use

11.  That ice is dangerously thin now. You ________ go ice-skating today.
     A. mustn't                      B.might not   
     C. would mind not to     D.  might

12.  It's way past my bedtime and I'm really tired. I ________ go to bed.
     A. should         B. ought       C.could    D. must have

13  She _________ have committed this crime. She wasn't even in the city that night.
       A. might          B.shouldn't          
       C.couldn't       D.should have

14.John is over two hours late already, He ___________ missed the bus again.
       A. should have      B.must have       C.will have      D.Should

15    I'm really quite lost. __________ showing me how to get out of here?
        A. Would you mind         B.   Would you be
        C.Must you be                D.  Will have You

16  That bus is usually on time. It _________ to be here any time now.
       A. might       B. has        C. ought        D.must

17.  Right now Rusdi___________an English book.
    A. was reading     B. were reading         
    C. is reading         D are reading

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  1. soal2nya ngaco, masa soal sbmptn sama toefl kaya soal anak smp 1