Friday, April 26, 2013

Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 3

On her way to the bus stop yesterday, Tracy (1) … on some wet leaves and hurt her foot. She also cut her hand. She went home and her mother took her to the hospital in the car. Her mother parked the car in NO PARKING area. At the hospital a doctor took an X-ray and put some ice on her foot. Then he put a (2) … on her hand. It was not a serious accident, bit it was very expensive. The X-ray, ice treatment, and bandage cost $320.
Tracy and her mother went back to their car. There was a traffic police near their car. She gave them a ticket. The fine was $80. Then, on their way home, Tracy’s mother hit a telephone pole. It cost $500 to fix the car. When they arrive at home, they entered the house (3) … Both of them were unhappy.
1.A.    stopped
   B.    slipped
   C.    threw
   D.    took
2. A.    pill
    B.    balm
    C.    bandage
    D.    prescription
3.  A.    miserably
     B.    eagerly
     C.    angrily
     D.    worriedly

For numbers 46-48, choose the correct answers to complete the text.
Thousands of people visit Pisa’s famous (4) … each year and wonder just how much longer it can exist without falling. Millions of dollars have been spent to stop the tower crashing to the ground. Soft, (5) … soil has always been the tower’s problem. (6) …, it was discovered that the tower had moved two millimeters.

4. A.    picture
    B.    legend
    C.    tower
    D.    object

5.  A.    stable
     B.    fixed
     C.    shifting
     D.    sleeping

6.  A.    recently
     B.    absolutely
     C.    possibly
     D.    awkwardly

7.    Arrange the words into a good sentence.
running out of – when – twelve – Cinderella – the ball – stroked into – was – the clock
    1                     2           3             4                5                  6              7          8
The best arrangement is …
A.    2-4-7-1-3-8-5-6
B.    2-4-7-1-5-3-8-6
C.    2-8-6-4-3-7-1-5
D.    2-8-6-3-4-7-1-5

8.    Arrange the following sentences into a good paragraph
1.    The festival last for five days.
2.    It takes place every year to celebrate the victory of good over evil.
3.    Last autumn I was in India during Diwali.
4.    It is held at the end of October or in the first week of November.
5.    They also bought beautiful new clothes.
6.    The preparations began several weeks before the event.
7.    People cleaned their homes and painted wonderful designs called rangolis on the walls and floors.

The best arrangement is …
A.    3-1-2-4-6-5-7
B.    3-2-1-4-6-7-5
C.    3-2-4-6-1-7-5
D.    3-1-4-2-5-6-7

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