Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Contoh Soal Reading SMP

Many people like to live in a city although it is often very crowded. There are many jobs available. Therefore, it is easier to plan for living. There are also more opportunities for education and recreation. If people are sick, there is always a hospital or a clinic nearby.
     There are markets, supermarkets or department stores that people can choose to go shopping. In addition, all means of transportation are available. People can go y bus, taxi, train or plain.
     For these reasons people prefer living in a village to a city. A village is not very crowded and noisy. People do not have to go to school for a long period of time. They go to Elementary School just to be able to read and write. This is enough for them to survive. They do not care much about time. Today and tomorrow are just the same for them. Living naturally like this is enjoyable for them.
     However, they want to improve their lives. They move to big cities to start a new life. Of course, some of them are successful, but many of them are not. For those who are not successful living in a big city like Jakarta is really terrible. They are jobless and homeless because they do not have skills needed in urban areas. They live in the slums of the city.

Where do many people like to live?

A.In city
B.In a village
C.In a country side
D.near the rural area.

2.   What is main idea of paragraph 1?

A.Living in a city is very crowded.
B.These reason why people prefer living in a city.
C.Many jobs are available in cities.
D.Means of transportation in a city
3.   People like to live in a city because…

A.It is often very busy.
B.It is easy to earn a living.
C.There are a lot of shopping centers.
D.art facilities are available there.
4.   Most villagers enjoy…

A.their home town.
B.the natural food
C.natural live
D.the easy live
5.   Some of them find the rural life is quite backward." (paragraph 3).
The word them refers to…

C.rural lives.
D.natural lives.
6.   Mr. Yono : Why dos your brothers study at the vocational school?
Yulia         : He … to get a job after finishing his school.

7.   Kirana : What do you plan to do next Sunday?
Susi     : Nothing. What about you?
Kirana : I … the swimming pool. Can you join me?
Susi     : Sure. Thank you.

B.am going to go to
D.have gone
8.   Dito : Have you been to Permata bank?
Yani : Yes, why?
Ito    : … is the service?
Yani : It's satisfying.

A.How brave
B.How good
C.How long
D.How high
9.   Dinda   : There's West Life show in Senayan … to see it, Mom?
Mother : I'm afraid not. It will be very crowded.
              And it's dangerous for a young girl like you.

A.Do you go.
B.Did I go.
C.Can I go.
D.Will you go.

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