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Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7


Text 1 for number 1-3
My Family
               My name is Irsyad. I am an SMP student. I live on Jalan Ciremai. My father’s name is Mr. Rahman. He works in a clinic. He is a doctor. My mother is a teacher at a primary school near my house.
                My parents have three children. Eddy, the eldest brother, works as a programmer in private company. Wulan is my sister. We are students. She goes to SMA 3.
1.      Who is Irsyad?
a.       He is an SMA student.
b.      He is an SMP student.
c.       He is a teacher.
                                                                  d.      He is a doctor

2.       How many people are there in Mr. Rahman’s family?
a.       Five
b.      Four
c.       Three 
d.      Two

3.       What is Randi’s mother?
a.       She is a programmer.
b.      She is a teacher.
c.       She is a student.
d.      She is a doctor.

4.       My father’s name is Mr. Rahman. He works in a clinic.(par. 1)
The word He refers to….
a.       Irsyad
b.      Rahman
c.       Eddy
d.      Wulan

5.       Dita              : Hello, Rinto. Glad to see you here. How are you?
      Rinto             : Hello, Rika…. And You?
      Rika              : Fine, thanks.
a.    How do you do?
b.      Are you sure?
c.       Nice to meet you
d.      I’m fine thank you

6.       Ms. Ningrum            : Today is hot. Isn’t it?
        Roni                         : Yes, Ma’am.
        Ms. Ningrum            : Roni, open the windows, please.
 Roni                                 : Yes, of course, Ma’am.
 Ms. Ningrum                : ___________, Roni.
        Roni                        : You are welcome.
a.       You are good
b.      That’s nine
c.       This’s fastastic                                                                 
d.      Thank you

Text 2
Read the following text and anser question no 7-9 
         A rainbow is a natural phenomenon. It usually appears after rain. The sun light is dispersed by the water droplets. This produces a rainbow. We can see many colors in a rainbow. They are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. For some people, a rainbow brings happiness, hope and inspiration. They believe there is happiness after sorrow.
7.       A rainbow is a natural phenomenon.....raining.
a.       after
b.      before
c.       during
d.      as soon as

8.       How many colors can we see in a rainbow?
a.       Five
b.      Six
c.       Seven
d.      eight

9.       For some people, a rainbow brings happiness, hope and inspiration.
      The antonym of ‘happiness’ is
a.       Illness
b.      sadness
c.       laziness
d.      boredom

Text 3
Congratulations on your success of story telling competition
We are proud of you.
                                                           Your best friend,

Read the following text to answer the questions no. 10-11
Dear Eza
I know you like story telling and i like your performances.
So Congratulation for your victory.
10.   Who is the card sent to?
a.       Agnes
b.      Agnes’s friend
c.       The committee
d.      A competition

11.   Why did the writer send the card?
a.       To make her friend happy
b.      To join story telling competition
c.       To congratulate her friend
To encourage her friend

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