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Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Semester 1

                                                                               SEA GAMES
SEA games are the sport competition between countries in south East Asia. The event is held every other year.
SEA games are carried cut in line with founding of ASEAN. ASEAN has aims to promote solidarity among the nation in south East Asia. There for, all ASEAN members automatically participate in the event. They are represented by their best athletes. They complete to get the most medals. The medals for the firs winner is gold, silver for the second and the third winner gets the bronze medal.
At first the game were participated by Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. Those country three countries were called Malayan Peninsula. Then, since 1997, the event was participated by all AESAN members.
1. How often the SEA games take place?
a.Every years
b. every 2 years
c. twice in a years
d. every 4 years

2. The aim of SEA games is….
a. To compete in sport event
b. to become the winner
c. To get gold medals
d. the promote solidarity among the participant

3. The main idea of the third paragraph is …
a. Malayan peninsula countries
b. history of SEA games
c. Athletes
d. the 1977 SEA games

4. They are represented by ……(par 2) The word “they” in the sentence refers to ….
a. ASEAN countries
b. SEA games
c. Athletes
d. the events
Text for number 5 to number 10
BRI is one of the biggest commercials Bank in Indonesia. Its units spread out almost in every sub district, event though in remote area.
For villagers, BRI is the main choose to save their money, to transfer their money and to have loans. BRI has 5 days opening from 8 am to 3 pm of public service. The staff businesses can been seen since it opens. Therefore, BRI always tries to improve its better service in order fulfill the customer’s needs. The customers vary from farmers, teachers, students, traders and businessmen.
BRI provides the customer with some kind of accounts, such as simpedes, simaskot, BRI-Tama, ATM, BRI-Syariah and others. To handle those services, the bank staffs are always ready for their customer.
5. The type the above text is…
a. Descriptive
b. report
c. recount
d. explanation

6. For villager BRI is the main choose to have loans. The underlined word means ….
a. Amount of money kept in a bank
b. amount of money borrowed from    a bank
c. Amount of money sent though a bank
d. amount of money paid to bank as interest

7. How long does the bank serve the customers everyday?
a. 8 hours
b. 3 hours
c. 5 hours
d. 7 hours

8. From the text we can conclude that the bank customers are …
a. Vary professions
b. the businessmen
c. The villager
d. the trader

9. What kind of account is mostly the villager used?
a. ATM
b. BRI-Tama
c. Simaskot
d. Simpedes

10. The main idea of paragraph 3 is …..
a. The Bank staff are always ready to serve the customers
b. Simpedes is one of the Bank service
c. Various kind of accounts the Bank provides
d. Various kind of the Bank customers

11. A doctor usually uses a ……. to check the patients heart beat.
a. Stethoscope
b. medicine
c. syringe
d. tension meter

12. Work of surgery is usually held in….
a. Laboratory
b. Radiology department
c. Operating theatre
d. Maternity section

13. If you want to check in a hotel, who will you meet first?
a. The bellboy
b. The manager
c. The receptionist
d. The room boy

This text for Question no 14 to no 16
Pancasila Sakti Monument
This historical monument is situated in lubang buaya village. It is built to commemorate the seven national heroes who are kinapped and killed by communist rebels.
Visiting this place can make our deep feeling as if we are involved and we can imagine how cruel and violence the rebels did to uor generals at that time. The dioramas performed, even make us tremble and want to do vegeance.
Parts of the monument area are death well, communist rebellion museum, original houses used by the communist to arrange their plan and strategy before their real movement on the 30th of September 1965 and some real evidence left by our Revolution general. Pancasila Sakti monument is one of historical that to defend our independence is a heavier duty that to get it.
14. The aim of building the monument is to….
a. Provide a tourist resort
b.Make us feel vengeance to communist
c. Commemorate the revolution
d. Defend our independent

15. From the text we can say that the rebels are….
a. Very brave to kidnap the generate
b. Cruel and Violence
c. Commemorate the Revolution heroes
d. Vengeance and independent

16. What is paragraph one about?
a. The location of the monument
b. The cruel action of the rebels
c. The measurement of the monument
d. The aim of the building the monument

17. My father washes his motor 3 times a week The passive voice of the sentences is….
a. My father is washed his motor 3  times a week
b. My father’s motor is washed 3 times a week
c. My father’s motor washes three times a week
d. My father is washing his motor 3 times a week

18. The hotel has opened the staff’s meeting at 10 this morning. Change into passive voice!
a. The director has opened the meeting at 10 this morning
b. The meeting has been opened by the director at 10 this morning
c. The meeting has opened by the director at 10 this morning
d. The director opened the meeting at 10 this morning

19. fast-Rossi-motorcycle-always-his-drivers        
        1     2              3           4        5     6
The correct order is….
a. 2-6-5-3-1-4
b. 2-4-6-5-3-1
c. 2-4-1-6-5-3
d. 2-6-4-5-1-3

20. Lina : You know? our basket ball team will play in the final match!
Alan : ………………………………………
The suitable expression to respond the news is….
a. It’s all right
b. Yes, I like it
c. It’s a good news
d. Congratulation

Tsunami is a Japanese word from a seismic sea wave generated by an undersea earthquake, landslide, or eruption.
Most tsunamis happen along the ring of fire. It is a zone of volcanoes and seismic activity. The zone encircles the Pasific Ocean.
Historically, tsunamis have caused much destruction and death. Since 1819, about 40 tsunamis have struck the Hawaian Islands and since 1883, about 20 tsunamis have struck Indonesia. The last one was on December 26,2004,which caused over 100.000 deaths.
A tsunami can have a width of 100 to 200 km and may spread far across the deep ocean. The speed is as fast as a jet plane. When the wave reaches land it can be very high, about 15 m or more.
 21. What is the text talk about?
 a. Tsunami wave                c. Tsunami width
 b. Tsunami spreading        d. Tsunami

22. How many tsunami have attack the Hawaii island?
 a. Forty     b. fifty          c. Sixty    d. Thirty

23. The speed is as fast as a jet plane. The synonym of the underlined word is...
 a. Hard      b. Smell    c. Swift          d. Light

24. Whish of the following statements below is correct?
 a.  Tsunami can only happen in Japan
 b. Tsunami are caused by undersea earthquakes, landslides and eruption
 c.   Tsunami is not very hazardous
 d. Tsunamis have never caused much destruction and death


  1. Javanes word is not Tsunami,but Suumaaaniii!

  2. Javanese word is not Tsunami,but Suumaaaniii! Wk kkkk,...