Friday, April 26, 2013

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12

1.    Jim    : I heard John failed the speech competition held at Language Center in Jakarta last week.
       Tono : Oh really? It's strange, he should have won it because he is good at English.
 The underlined sentence is used to express………..
a.    Disagreement.
b.    Possibility.
c.    Surprise.
d.    Capability.
e.    Curiosity

2.    X : There will be a party at my house tonight . Would you like to come?
Y : I'd love to , but I have an appointment with my colleague.

From the dialogue we know that the second speaker………….the invitation.

a.    Gives.
b.    Declines.
c.    Takes.
d.    Enjoys.
e.    Loves.

3.    Tony : Hi Andi, what about going to Agung's birthday party tonight?
Andi : I'm afraid I can't. I am going somewhere with Dwi.
The underlined sentence is used to……………..

a.    decline an invitation.
b.    ask for permission.
c.    agree to do something.
d.    express a surprise.
e.    ask for an apology

4.    Wati   : Lots of women are incapable of working I Malaysia this year.
Warni : Why ?
Wati : Because they are unskilled workers.
From the underlined expression we can conclude that lots of women ……….in Malaysia
a.    are not working.
b.    will not work.
c.    must not work.
d.    cannot work.
e.    are not going to work

5.    Student : …… carry these books to your room, sir?
Teacher : No, thanks. I can do it myself.
a.    Do you want.
b.    Shall I do.
c.    May I help you.
d.    Can you help.
e.    Do you mind

6.  Tania: “Do you always eat breakfast?”
      Sonia: “Yes, I  generally……….my breakfast at 6.30”
      A. had              B. has
      C. have            D. eats

7.  You seem to be having problem there. _________ I help you?
     A. Would       B. will         C. Shall      D. will have

8.   I don't have enough money to buy dinner. __________ you lend me a couple of dollars?
     A. May   B. Could   C. Shall   D. ought

9.  Many people have one child only. What is the plural noun of the underlined word?
      A. childs           B. kids       C. Children     D. kid
10. The students always do ... homework before the class begins.
      A. them           B. they      C. their            D.theirs

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