Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Prediksi UN SMP

  1. The coach of the Indonesia basketball team calls a time-out and instructs his players to change the strategy. He … (1) Jody to keep the ball as long as possible. Jody is good at dribbling the ball. His skill in controlling the ball is … (2) but he is not quite good at shooting. Togar is better at shooting and he is also the fastest player in the team. His only … (3) is that he is very thin and not very strong.
  2. A. knows
    B. tells
    C. thinks
    D. leaves
  3. A. preventive
    B. imperfect
    C. doubtful
    D. excellent
  4. A. appearance
    B. weakness
    C. strength
    D. ability
  5. Ardhi : What does your sister do?
    Bertha : She works at one of the French companies.
    Ardhi : She must be able to speak French well.
    Bertha : A little. But she … speak English better.
    A. mustn’t
    B. must
    C. can’t
    D. can
  6. Vena : I went to Pasar Baru with my cousin
    Jodi : What did you buy?
    Vena : I … a gold necklace for my mother’s birthday.
    Jodi : nice gift.
    A. am buying
    B. was buying
    C. buy
    D. bought
  7. Mother : You look so weird, dear. What’s up?
    Lara : I really don’t know why, but I feel hot and
    my headaches.
    Mother : Okay, dear…. But let me take you to a
    doctor just in case.
    A. It is time to stay in bed
    B. You are sorry to say that
    C. I don’t want to sorry you
    D. There’s nothing to worry about
  8. They are the tallest animals. They can be 5.3 meters tall. They have longer necks than other animals. Because they have such long necks, the animals can eat the highest leaves on the tree.
    Which of these four pictures does the paragraph describe?
  9. Mei Hwa : I’d like to book a room for tonight.
    Receptionist : I’m very sorry. But the hotel is fully
    occupied. Maybe you can find another
    hotel somewhere else.
    Mei Hwa : Can you help me find a nearby one?
    Receptionist : I’m very sorry, I’m busy. Perhaps you
    may ask… else to help you.
    A. somebody
    B. nobody
    C. something
    D. no one
  10. Choose the suitable sentence to complete the paragraph …. It is now a part of our daily life. It is not only a source of news and information. Television is also a valuable tool for science, education and industry.
    A. Television works in the same way as radio in some ways.
    B. There are many quiz programs on televisions as well as on radio broadcasting.
    C. Watching television has made great changes in people’s lives all over the world.
    D. Television is the most important source of entertainment for great numbers of
    people all over the world.
  11. Chaidar: Why do we have to save our forests, Mom?
    Mother : Because they are very important for us.
    Chaidar: Are they?
    Mother : Yes. … do they keep the balance of the
    environment … produce wood.
    A. Not only – but also
    B. Either-or
    C. Both – and
    D. Neither-nor

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